Mythistoria at Window Box

Mythistoria at Pushwagner Gallery in Oslo July 6th to August 28th 2012.

– During a residency in Reykjavik I did a piece about a Whale and its mythology ina small window gallery, here at Window Box I expanded on my exploration of this story or mythology of the “underworld” in the ocean.The Whale is an animal which holds mythological power as we can communicate with it, however I recently discovered plankton to be utmost fascinating in its form and function aswell. In mythology, as with real world biology and ecology, all creatures small and large hold equal importance in the greater story. In Mythistoria I wish to explore and perhaps discover mythological stories of the ocean.

Mythistoria is a site specific work using wall collage with cut-out drawings and painting with ink on the window glass. The work explores underwater mythology and biology, a place which might feel alien, but is full of mystic and wonder. Mythistoria is Latin, meaning fabulous narrative and tall tale.

At Window Box Gallery which is run by Thale Fastvold and is located at Pushwagner Gallery in Oslo.

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